Aster Assisted Living of Clintonville blends the best of assisted living with a small town atmosphere by embodying close family ties, fond memories and lasting traditions.

Well situated right on Main Street, Aster of Clintonville extends a warm and friendly invitation to all who come its way. Made up of 63 thoughtfully designed, assisted living apartments and carefully selected amenities, the Aster of Clintonville succeeds in providing a comfortable, familiar feeling of home in a charming and spirited environment. 

38 N. Main Street

Clintonville, WI 54929

T: (715) 823-4344

F: (715) 823-4484

Debra Roth

Executive Director

Brenda Hoffmann

Sales & Marketing Director

Brenda Lerma

Life Enrichment Coordinator

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Aster Assisted Living

of Clintonville